Air Freight Australia


Air Freight Australia

Air Carrier Types for Air Freight Services

Air freight may be utilized to send nearly anything that doesn’t violate national or international restrictions. How goods are shipped depends on their kind, size, and quantity.

Commercial airlines deliver packages. These planes generate money by transporting courier and postal service freight. These containers are tied down like passenger bags before takeoff.

UPS and DHL ship using cargo aircraft. These flights seldom provide frills or luxuries. Look for large, easy-to-open doors to load and unload. Cargo planes have larger fuselages and higher-mounted tails and wings than passenger planes. The design was meant to make freight loading and unloading easier. Since the wings are high, close-to-the-ground payloads are safe. Because of the tail, wheelsets may be loaded and unloaded.

The Boeing 747 freighter has a huge nose door that may be opened to transport odd-shaped or oversized items. Two ISO shipping containers high and broad fit inside.

Big, heavy planes and helicopters require specific transport. The Super Transporter’s “forehead” may remind you of a whale. Almost the whole aircraft can hold cargo.

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